Once upon a time

Our Story

You’re probably expecting some grand story about how our company has been in the industry for years and we’re old timers who want to continue a family business, but to be perfectly honest we are just like you. When we need supplies for our jobs, we need to find the easiest - most affordable option out there without having to compromise on quality.

As a real estate agent, I founded this company because I felt that the supplies that I was purchasing was not up to my standard for the homes that I was covering. What I wanted and what I needed were secure products that would last me for decades. None of us want to show a home and have to fumble around with our locks, and we aren’t looking to purchase new ones every month either. The only solution was to create my own site with the best products out there and gather the best team around who understood the specific needs of realtors and brokers - both private and public, and that is when LockboxShop was born.

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At Lockboxshop.com, we have been in business since before the advent of the Internet. In fact, we invented the Internet. It wasn’t Al Gore, it was us. And furthermore— (Editor.: Could you pull back a bit here? This isn’t even believable.) Ahem. Okay. Our business originated with our patriarch, Doug, who lived in the Longbeforeusozoic era, and who brought solutions to realtors when they first began living in caves, and—

(Editor: This isn’t really working. Maybe talk a bit about what you actually do, and kind of stop telling people stuff that’s just plain laughable? I’m trying to be gentle here, but you’re making it difficult.)

Okay. Our family business was founded in 1776 – a very important date for all Americans! Because that’s when we founded the Internet, and— (Editor: NOW would be a good time.)

All right, seriously and truthfully, we’re a pretty young company. We’re not going to tell you that we’ve been in business forever, supplying realtors with what they need. But we have been realtors for a long time, and we’ve tried to find products that suit us, often without success.

That’s why we formed Lockbox.com. We weren’t getting products and supplies that were up to our standards. We wanted quality products that would last for decades, and it took us a long time to find them. We didn’t want to show homes and end up embarrassed because the lockboxes didn’t work properly, or the signs were down, or other things just weren’t up to an acceptable standard. It frustrated us, and we knew that it frustrated our colleagues in the business as well.

So, we went to work sourcing the best products for realtors – the products and services that we knew would work for us, and for you. And we built this website.
We hope you enjoy your visit to our site.
Thoughts? Ideas? We’d love to hear from you. Contact us at leah@lockboxshop.com